Board of Director Support

The following is provided as a matter of standard practice for all clients. Due to our unparalleled systems and standards, Board of Director meetings generally last no more than 1-hour!

A proprietary Action List is created to include requests of the Board of Directors and items Willis Management Group, Inc. includes as a matter of standard practice.

Clear, detailed and concise agendas are created, posted to the Association’s web portal (if applicable), at the site (if required) and emailed to all members of the Association in accordance with the Association’s governing documents and/or state law.

A bound, numbered and organized Board meeting package is prepared one week prior to a meeting and submitted by email and/or mail as desired. The packet includes the agenda, management report, financial statements, work order and other reports, and copies of relevant correspondence, proposals and analysis of same, etc. Due to efficiency that is unique to Willis Management Group, Inc., Board meetings are typically one hour or less.

A proprietary Calender of Events is created to meet the annual, quarterly, bi-annual or monthly operating requirements for our clients to include a number of items such as insurance renewal, state filings, annual reviews and tax filings, Board elections, maintenance, communications, budgets, disclosures, etc.

Board of Directors meeting minutes are completed and emailed to the Board within three (3) business days of each meeting by email for review and editing.

Willis Management Group, Inc. not only performs routine property management services, we also educate our clients on important and relative changes in the law and provide Board training.

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