Cost-Effective Electronic Communication Services

Save Time and Money with Virtual and Electronic Communication

Recognizing that members (owners) in Associations generally have limited time and particularly during normal business hours, Willis Management Group, Inc. designed a proprietary communication and informational web portal to provide routine Association information, policies, procedures, maintenance and owner account balance data.

Willis Management Group, Inc.

Electronic Communication

We can send and track electronic communication to owners via our web portal and have the ability to send mass communications to a select street, building, phase, etc. This is particularly helpful for maintenance that may impact one or more units/lots.

Owner Correspondence Preferences

Through the Willis Management Group, Inc. proprietary web portal, owners can select one or more correspondence options dictating how they desire to receive Association correspondence to include assessment statements, letters, newsletters, notices, etc.

Virtual Meeting

Our team understands and respects that the Board of Directors and members of your association cannot always attend meetings in person. To ease the burden, our company utilizes GoToMeeting for video and phone conferences allowing up to 250 participants.